The millennium falcon of the 'Les Sens Ciel' kite club in a nice setting with my cyclops eye kite

Sled kite

You always have to have it with you

Kitchen man in action on the kite festival westende 


Designed by Jan Claes;  Made by Bert Maetens:   An inflatable single line kite.... The edge of the octagon kite is a tube, The sail sits at the front of the tube.  


Flying our inflatable kites at the kite festival in Westende.  Designed by Jan Claes;  Made by Jan, Geert and me.


Looking forward to fly my kites next week at the windscape festival in Canada next week!
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One Sky, One Man, One kite, One Camera, One sea and a lot of sand.. 

The Salida Sled

The latest version of the pocket - Salida - Sled of Andreas Ågren. What a design!! (special are; Easiness to make- once you have the plan, reinforcements for the bridle incorporated in the single layer of fabric etc...) I am looking forward to better wind to test it out.

Roda de Isabena Our Garden

Roda de Isabena:   Our Garden
Roda de Isabena:   Blossom 
Roda de Isabena:   Some views 
Roda de Isabena:   Some KAP views 
Roda de Isabena:   The start
Roda de Isabena:   Some streetviews

New Project

The kite is almost 4,5m wide and 1 meter deep (see plan).  The 2 spreaders in the length or only 6mm.  The rest is supported by 18 bridles of 10 long.

Second test flight of my new kite. We replaced the 9 spreaders with 4mm carbon fibre.  When the wind is picking up the bridle isworking well.   Once the wind is dropping down, the kite is becoming flat and uncontrollable... I have to add a bowline.