Blankenberge II

 While my camera was hanging a 150 meter above ground to shoot some pictures of  the Pier in Blankenberge, I discovered an other small pier.   I immedeatly loved the color play. (although it was a grey day).
Kite: Dopero

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- Blankenberge I
- Blankenberge II


Today I went to Blankenberge - of all places - to make some KAP pictures.   No wind and very grey weather => still happy with the result.
(Red Dopero, 150 meter high)

This is a unique structure consisting of a 350 meter long pedestrian bridge into the sea, which leads to the monumental round building.   Built in 1933 and rebuilt in 2003.

Some more pictures:
- Blankenberge I
- Blankenberge II

Plastic foil

Just arrived: 
I picked up a new roll of the best red and black plastic on the market to make the nicest kites for kids.
(Can be used for hot air balloons tto)
I have (04/2017)   30 kg of Red    15kg of black  

If you need some plastic... don't hesitate to call...


Villa Il Cavaliere d'Italia Siciliƫ

Villa Il Cavaliere d'Italia is situated in a hidden corner of typical Mediterranean countryside facing the Ionian sea. Just two kilometres from the villa there is the lovely Baroque town of Noto with its famous cathedral and fascinating palaces.

Black Jordan

My black Jordan kite ; Based on the design of Dean Jordan.    2 x 30 meters of tail.   It need a long line before it is nailed to the sky.
My Black Jordan together with my favorite kites made by Jan Claes.. The senitel based spaceships.

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Canterbury & Ring

The Canterbury kite (French colors) with my Ring Kite in Zeebrugge

+ 6meter high Ring Kite (Bol). + 50 lines of 10 meter long

Some more:


Just finished the new kite gift called 'K'.   Normally, I publish the picture after the delivery... but it can still take some time before we meet again... couldn't wait...

Some other examples:
Special for Arthur

Barcelona 2017

On the last day at MWC, I took some hours off, to make those KAP pictures. The wind wasn't strong enough to lift my Kapfoil 4m2 high enough but still, I am happy with a few pictures.

Dynamic Spreader I

Based on the great ideas of Mike LeDuc, I created my own dynamic Spreader for my Levitation Delta kite.    The connectors were 3D printed by Joris Bijnens.  He designed them to give maximal support with minimal weight.  At this moment, nothing is glued.  All the elements have such narrow tolerances that everything sticks exactly on the right place on the rod....
Once we have the final design, we will share with you our flight experience.

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