Just downloaded some pictures during lunch hour ;;; to give you a flavor of what is going on here

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Storm is coming up

Today I had an appointment with Sue and Frank for a KAP afternoon down town Antwerp. Bad weather (wind) conditions and the Rubens market forced us to look for more open space. First we tried Doel... but the wind was blowing our kites too close to the power lines to have fun.Later that afternoon we had some great flying at the boarder of 't land van Saefthinge'

If you recognize yourself in this picture let me know at bert.maetens@hotmail.com

A few other places in the neighborhood worthwhile to visit:
- Paal
- Rilland
- Landscape
- Domburg
- Zierikzee 
- T Schor
- T Land van Saefthinge
- Storm is coming up
KAP, Kite Aerial Photography, Kites: Rokkaku, Aurico, Canon G15

downlink & remote control - Camremote

This is my (new) ground station for KAP. It's based on the Camremote.   The large screen is mounted together with the remote conrole and in the back the 5,8 Mhz receiver is nicely built in with batteries and on/off switch. If needed; for example in critical situations,  I can easily put the whole unit away in a accessible bag on my belt.

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KAP, Kite Aerial Photography, Kites: Rokkaku, Aurico, Canon G15 


While everybody was watching footbal (The Netherlands versus Mexico), I was flying my kite in Rilland..., It was so quite there...   why why... ;-)
A few other places in the neighborhood worthwhile to visit:
- Paal
- Rilland
- Landscape
- Domburg
- Zierikzee

KAP, Kite Aerial Photography, Kites: Rokkaku, Aurico, Canon G15



Ter voorbereiding van het vliegerfeest op 18 mei gaven we een aantal workshops in Antwerpse scholen en speelpleinen.  Een super dankbare taak als je al die kinderen ziet lopen met hun vliegertjes.

en nog veel veel meer fotos...

Sint Anneke Plage

It's always a pleasure when the local newspaper is writing something about "special" activities seen in and around Antwerp...
An afternoon flying my kites at Sint Anneke plage...


We had a great afternoon flying our kites over the abbey of Averbode. http://www.abdijaverbode.be/. A beautiful place; I definitely want to go back without a kite ;-).
It wasn't that easy to fly since meadow that we used to take off was surrounded by high trees. (Lucky the cows were not out). The kite was sitting at 200 m, the camera was mounted at 100m line just enough to get a stable air flow (4bft).


The weather is getting better, so we took out our KAP equipment.
Pictures taken with a Canon G15 /ClickpanPro / downlink at a 100M high.   The church in Doel is still a nice place for the time being. (Doel is threatened with complete demolition due to the future enlargement of the harbour).

Tattoo V

Finally I discovered a way to upscale a small drawing to a kite size.
The orginal drawing wasn't bigger than 10 cm.  I was able to scale this up to 90cm without loosing the (pixel) details.
Next week, I can start hot cutting the fabric.