Organise your own workshop

If you don't want to spend the money to have us on site to help you with a kite workshop, we can also deliver you all the materials and instructions leaflet.

Let me know if you are interested....

The package include;
- Precut red plastic Kite sail
- Bridle line
- flying line and wooden winder
- Tails
- glasfiber sticks 2mm precut.
- fiber glass tape

The result: 

KAP 3D printing




Reworked my KAP picture of the clock mounted on the tower of the Hemiksem Abbey

KAP Gellik

 My trip to the castle of Hocht in Gellik ended in a field... The castle will be for next time.. enjoying in the meantime of the landscape


 A wonderful afternoon flying the SMAC kite in +25km/h wind. 

The late Gothic church of St. Apollonia un Oeren. Surrounding the church is a World War I military cemetery. I discovered that the 4th 'Ijzerbedevaart' pelgrimage took place at this church.


Almost every year, there is a small, family oriented kite festival in the solvay park Lahulpe. Of course that's THE moment to take some nice shots of my kites


KAP Fintele

Today,  I visited this beautiful place, Fintele, at the confluence of the Lovaart and the IJzer.