Vliegerhappening 2015

We staan er klaar voor!

- Schrijf je in voor de vliegerhappening (17 05 2015) via een mailtje naar Bert.maetens@gmail.com.   Wij zorgen voor een leuk feestje, een drankje en een fritje.

- Intussen zijn we gestart met het organiseren van de vlieger workshop in scholen. De teller staat op +100 kinderen die naar huis zullen gaan met een rood vliegertje.


 It's always handy when you have one of those 'Andreas sled kites' available while traveling abroad!

A day with the two liners

 A day with the two liners in Zeebrugge... I am still not 100% sure which movement Hugo was making but most probably a lazy Susan... ;-)

Westhoek Friesland

Thank you Brenda; That I was allowed to use her pictures.
A day flying kites with Brenda and Albert in the Westhoek, Friesland. What a place!
And as top of the bill: After kiteflying we went back to the house with Henk and Thijo for the great Snert (soup) of Albert.

Tahara part II

Still not what it should be... but we are getting close.   In the meantime I have changed the bridle to a 4 point bridle (2 on the leading edge, 2 adjustables on the spine).    Let's hope that I get it stable and less noise diving...


Today, we went out to visit the abbey of Tongerlo. We flew our kites high above the trees to catch the right wind. But still the wind was very turbulent out there.Anyway; It was one of those days...
Some more abbey pictures:
- Hemiksem
- Averbode
- Tongerlo I
- Tongerlo II


 Rameyen Castle in Berlaar seen from a camera hanging under a kite at150 meter above the castle


Test flight of my first out of 4 new Taharas. Inspired by the Leong Chee Wan, Carl Longbotton and Patrick Koppen I had to build this one too...  Instead of using them as a fighter, I will use them as single line kites.   A little overpowered wind today for a good test flight but here some pictures...

De Leeuw van Waterloo

 Next year, 200 years after the battle,  the site will be totally renovated.
De Leeuw van Waterloo (45meters high), the main memorial monument of the battle of Waterloo,  seen from a kite.  If you haven't kite to see the lion that close...you have to clime 226 stairs to reach the top..

KAP Nieuwpoort

Just played a little with the black & white option in lightroom ..