Pont "romain" de Montignies-Saint-Christophe


In Montignies-Saint-Christophe, there is a so-called "Roman" bridge. Originally it was a dam in the river Hantes that was later converted into a bridge. THE bridge is thought to date from the late Middle Ages.  It is a limestone structure with thirteen arches.



Reworked my KAP picture of the clock mounted on the tower of the Hemiksem Abbey

KAP Gellik (Sandro Macchi)

An other enjoyable afternoon flying the ROKKER of Sandro Macchi (Italy). 
It's one of those kite that, once you put in the air, you don't have to worry any more about the kite itself. You can focus on setting up your RIG and then start your walk in the park and enjoy.
The kite sticks in the air, doesn't mind wind-gust or any change of direction... Slowly she adapt and settles again...


KAP Gellik

 My trip to the castle of Hocht in Gellik ended in a field... The castle will be for next time.. enjoying in the meantime of the landscape


 A wonderful afternoon flying the SMAC kite in +25km/h wind. 

The late Gothic church of St. Apollonia un Oeren. Surrounding the church is a World War I military cemetery. I discovered that the 4th 'Ijzerbedevaart' pelgrimage took place at this church.


Almost every year, there is a small, family oriented kite festival in the solvay park Lahulpe. Of course that's THE moment to take some nice shots of my kites