One Sky, One Man, One kite, One Camera, One sea and a lot of sand.. 

The Salida Sled

The latest version of the pocket - Salida - Sled of Andreas Ågren. What a design!! (special are; Easiness to make- once you have the plan, reinforcements for the bridle incorporated in the single layer of fabric etc...) I am looking forward to better wind to test it out.

Roda de Isabena Our Garden

Roda de Isabena:   Our Garden
Roda de Isabena:   Blossom 
Roda de Isabena:   Some views 
Roda de Isabena:   Some KAP views 
Roda de Isabena:   The start
Roda de Isabena:   Some streetviews

New Project

The kite is almost 4,5m wide and 1 meter deep (see plan).  The 2 spreaders in the length or only 6mm.  The rest is supported by 18 bridles of 10 long.

Second test flight of my new kite. We replaced the 9 spreaders with 4mm carbon fibre.  When the wind is picking up the bridle isworking well.   Once the wind is dropping down, the kite is becoming flat and uncontrollable... I have to add a bowline. 

Maxi Dopero

Maxi Dopero taken in flight by Frank Dehu.  The dopero was flying on +/- a 100 meter height.

Dopero I
Dopero II


My new kite: A Heksenbeest!-   Flying for the first day in Cadzand today with almost no wind.    Amazing how that animal was staying there , high up in the air...

Heksenbeest II
Heksenbeest I

Vertical RIG


My new vertical kite RIG designed by Frank Dehu.  It includes a Picavet, gear, 1,5V for the servo motor, A video downlink, weights 250gr,    It can easily fit in your pocket?

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De Wijers

They promised us beautiful weather;  So we (Frank and I) went to The Wijers to shoot some aerial pictures.  The Wijers is a unique area with more than 1000 ponds, representing about 700 ha of water and reeds.    We got hazy foggy weather, giving that typical  autumn tint to the pictures.   For the Kap friends: We had 400 meters of line on the kite...
We didn't have to much room to go up there

Kasteel Cortewalle

Not the best time of the year to make aerial pictures of this beautiful water castle in Beveren.

Beveren: watertoren
Beveren: Hof ter Sasken