A few months ago we (Ivo and I) were invited to 'a storytelling event' were the apotheose should be that the kids would fly up high to the clouds 😉. A perfect job for a kiteflier (if there was wind), right?



I discovered quickly that it's not allowed to fly kite in Barceloneta...



 I walked 20 km up north at the beach, up to the estuary of the Lielupes...what a wonderful coastline...

KAP: Toren van Eben-Ezer


The Tower of Eben-Ezer is a monument dedicated to Peace, erected since 1950. Soaring towards the sky, four cherubim at the four cardinal points send their symbolic message to the world. .

It is built with flint stones from region quarries. Its raw allure gives it a unique and fantastic character. Eben-Ezer is the image of Liberty-Equality-Fraternity based on Love-Think-Create.

Organise your own workshop

If you don't want to spend the money to have us on site to help you with a kite workshop, we can also deliver you all the materials and instructions leaflet.

Let me know if you are interested....

The package include;
- Precut red plastic Kite sail
- Bridle line
- flying line and wooden winder
- Tails
- glasfiber sticks 2mm precut.
- fiber glass tape

The result: 

KAP 3D printing