G15 best settings

Fixing the shutter speed while the camera selects the aperture and ISO obviously implies using the shutter priority (Tv) mode. Your problem here is obviously over-exposure but usually the camera should compensate by stopping down the lens instead of shooting at wide open apertures - unless something is wrong with your G15 or the camera detects constant motion while in flight, causing it to open up the aperture all the way to f/1.8 to avoid camera shake.

To avoid over-blown skies, here's what you can try:

1. Turn on the electronic ND filter. That should automatically lower the exposure by -3 stops.

2. Alternatively dial in a -2 EV exposure compensation in Tv mode.

3. Dial in a higher shutter speed like 1/2000th of a second in Tv mode.

4. Or switch to Manual mode and set the aperture to a smaller opening, e.g. f/4. Fix the ISO speed to a low sensitivity like 80 or 100.

Make sure that your metering mode is set to Evaluative or Center Weighted, not Spot metering. Your aim is to gradually lower the light intake until your shots are properly exposed. For either Tv or Manual modes, you'll have to launch the kite several times until you obtain the correct exposure settings, depending on the amount of ambient light.