KAPfoil 1,6

I just received this picture from somebody that saw me flying in Guadelope.

My new KAP Foil 1.6 designed by Ralf Beutnagel bought at Kapshop.com.
Great kite for the higher (steady) wind range.
Width: 130 cm / 51"
Height:  120 cm / 47"
Sail:  Ripstop Nylon
Line rec.: Polyester 90 kg / 200 lb.
Wind range: 2-6 Bft. (11-49 km/h / 7-31 mph)

Link 1:   The kapfoil I made a few years ago for Jim Day
Link 2:   Some flowform drawings
Link 3:   My original flowform made and designed by Ivo van Olmen
Link 4:  Kapfoil 1,6
Link 5:  Kapfoil 5,0

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