The Wau bulan kite is a typical Malaysian kite.  The one layer of paper sail is richly decorated with colourful patterns of flowers and leaves. The patterns are meticulously cut from rice-paper and glued on piece by piece. The framework is made from split bamboo that was soaked in mud for two weeks ( to make it ore flexible and to prevent attacks of weevil). The normally attached hummer give a constant noise
The Wau is also one of the Malaysia's national symbols; We noticed it on the Logo of the Malaysia Airlines, on the one ringgit banknote and on the reverse side of the fifty-cent coin and at the central market of KL.

The Wau Bulan; Moon kite
The Wau Kucing; Cat kite with a high-pitched sound - like a cat’s mew. The hummer was used to scare away evil spirits and predict the following day’s weather.
The Wau Merak; Peacock kite. The design consists of a “balong” (fowl’s crest) and the a tail that can be four times the size of its body.
The Wau Jalabudi
Here under some pictures of Wau's flown at the Bintulu (Borneo) kites festival
Picture of the hummer