KapFoil 5.0

First testflight of my new Kapfoil 5.0 (Bought at Kapshop) .
I was quite uncertain about the behaviour of the kite after reading the comments on the Kapforum.
Now, After my first testflight within a windrange of 15km/h upto 30km/h - 200 meter line out, I can confirm, that this kite is doing exactly what I was expecting of this kite (based on my positive previous experience with the smaller kapfoil version)...  It has a nice strong (but not exorbitant) pull; For sure not more than my big holy man roks!  It will rise high...but that is exactly what I am looking for.   Strong enough to lift my RIGs with low winds.
So nothing else than positive feedback!!

Width: 240 cm / 94"
Height:  200 cm / 79"
Sail:  Ripstop Nylon
Line rec.: Polyester 150 kg / 330 lb.
Wind range: 2-6 Bft. (7-45 km/h / 4-28 mph)

Link 1:   The kapfoil I made a few years ago for Jim Day
Link 2:   Some flowform drawings
Link 3:   My original flowform made and designed by Ivo van Olmen
Link 4:  Kapfoil 1,6
Link 5:  Kapfoil 5,0

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