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The small town of Roda de Isábena, located in the region of Ribagorza, in Huesca and which has less then 50 inhabitants. Roda de Isábena is the smallest town in Spain with a cathedral; 

The cathedral of San Vicente was built in the 10th century, it was almost completely destroyed during an Arab occupancy (Abd El Malik). A new / second cathedral was built 1010, when the Christians recovered the town, in that time Roda was the capital of the region.  (That is also the reason why this is today the crossroad for so many GR routes) The removal of the see, first to Lleida and then to the diocese of Barbastro-Montsó reduced the importance of the locality..     An other story;  In the 70s an art thief Erik the Belgian; René Alphonse van den Berghe (born Nivelles, 1940) stole part of the rich patrimony of the cathedral. To partially recover from the guilt, Erik donated some of his paintings to the cathedral , which are exposed inside.
In the cathedral you will find three crypts at different levels whose central crypt is very extensive and complex. The altar piece is from baroque time. In the old refter lying on the monastery, frescoes and necrological inscriptions are admired.