Holy Man

My Holy man kite
(made in mutual agreement with Jim Day).
If  you want to see the original Holy Man kite created by Nicolas Chorier:  Please check the following link:

The "holy man" imagined by Nicolas Chorier in India, initially crafted by Robert Brasington in Tasmania, fine tuned by Jim Day in Seattle, tested in Seaside Oregon.
A wonderful kite, extremely stable, with a great lifting power and without too much pull.(size is 12 feet) According to Pierre Lesage

Holy man  2,20m wide and 3,0m high, The total surface is 5,2m²; Sail surface is 4,2m².  Frame made glasfiber  Black/Green Skytex fabric,  Bridle and flying line: Climax Blackline.
A short movie from Leon Choong made at the Borneo kite festival in Bintulu Sarawak