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A first attempt to make a ultra light pendulum RIG for the GoPro camera. 
(I am aware that I could reduce the weight by taking out the protection case of the GoPro)

An easy to install roller-bar that will protect your camera from a hard landing.  In worst case the RIG will turn over on the rollerbars but your camera will not hit the ground.  (We are testing it while we speak => (Not a good idea when using the GoPro)

Poor man's PEKABE or using bicycle chain links as mini-pulleys

The stabilizer bow is for reducing the rolling
of the rig. It is set in an horizontal plane, with the two pink sails standing vertically. (Based on the information received from  Christian Becot)
A small bike light for a better visibilty of the rig ( I am getting older)

Two solutions to get the vibration out of the kite line resulting in better pictures.(less blurb)
- One based on a O-ring with diameter 3cm and a 4mm Carbon rod.
- One based on  a long O-ring.

Home made hangups ; simple, strong alu hangers...

 But after all I prefer the KAP-Klips™ from Brooxes ;

KAP kite line:

Ockert CLIMAX dacron Black 110DaN (for low winds) 170 DaN (for strong wind)  
My preference for Kap because this line is durable, fine braid, round cross section,  with anti tangle qualities, strong for the thickness, soft to touch and knot beautifully. I know I am flying heavier lines than needed, but these are easier to handle and are giving some drag to the kite .