Holy Man UL

A Holy man Ultra light 1,50 m wide and 2m high, The total sail surface is 2.4m².  Made with 7 Skyshark rods type: II P2X;   Sail: Black Skytex fabric 36gr/m², 170 holes of 2 cm.   Bridle and flying line: Climax Blackline.
For those really low wind days.   To be used with ultra light RIG . 
This  Holy Man UL is pulling up my standard RIG (700gr) in a wind of 6km/h (1 a small 2 Bft)

For more pictures at the low wind speed;  Click here  (Doel: is a small village near Antwerp surrounded by the harbor and a nuclear reactor. There are clear plans to demolish the whole village to expand the harbour furthermore.