We were invited by the “Fondation Folon” to fly our kites in the magnificent park of  “Château de La Hulpe” better known as Domaine Solvay. Although the wind was very hectic, we had a great day of fun and I am sure that we convinced some kids and papas to fly their kite more often in the park.
We closed this beautiful day with a great barbeque at the farm  at the heart of the magnificent Parc, The farm is also housing the collection of  Folon; A Belgian artist.  (By the way Folon was a great kite maker and collector)

Thanks for the invitation; I am looking forward to come back to make some kite aerial pictures of the castle and to visit the Folon collection.

A beautiful Photon fighter kite made by Tim Elverston (Windfiredesign). The Photon once owned by Tom Banks; now in good hands of Christophe Tournay.
A nice article written by Michel Van Mullem in the local newspaper "de Serrist".