This cable is assembled by Peter Bults (www.kapshop.nl) it consits of: Canon 11-pin for CHDK/SDM and Video-out   €24.20  +   gentWIRE-USB2  €32.61 (Gentles limited)

The ZoomNShoot.bas Script
This script should work on all CHDK-cameras that have zooms. It provides a run-time parameter, c, which if set to 0 (the default) will provide zooming for A- and SD/IXUS- cameras, while if it's set to 1 will work on S-series cameras. In either case moving the joystick will move the zoom a reasonable distance. The script uses the set_zoom_rel function to move the zoom by a number of steps, 2 steps for A and SD/IXUS cameras and 25 for the S-series

Windwatcher  settings for kap_uav.lua CHDK
TV MIN -1/400
Target TV 1/1000
TV max- 1/2000
Av low-2.8
AV Target 5.0
AV max -8.0
ISO min-80
ISO Max1-800
ISO max2-1250
Allow ND filter-no
Zoom position -off
Focus at infinity mode-none
'Video Interleave (shots) -'off'
video duration -10
'USB shot control' - One shot.
Backlight off?-null